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Innovation and design.

We focus our RD&I activity on anticipating our customers' needs, with constant development of our packaging solutions and bringing value added to the packaged product

Innovación y diseño

Innovations in recent years:

Installation of automated equipment to control air and water tightness for 100% of production, which guarantees that all of our packaging solutions are free of leaks.

Improving the anchoring systems for dispensing caps, making them more economical and reliable.

Implementation of the panel system that provides larger size packaging with greater resistance.

Design, development and sale of Oleopack®: an exclusive packaging system for extra virgin olive oil with excellent functionality and a brilliant design, taking full advantage of metal packaging for such a prized product.

Design and development of and investment in injection moulds and assembly equipment for a novel air inlet cap for oil cans with a capacity of between 2 and 5 litres. Use of this cap allows the separation of incoming air (air inlet cap) from outgoing oil (dispensing cap), achieving controlled and accurate pouring, which is an important requirement for packaging with these capacities.

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