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04.09.2014 News

Engagement marketing reaches restaurant kitchens by incorporating cans in their dishes

Creative cuisine is coming more fashionable by the day, and we are all seeking to differentiate our products and give them value-added that makes them unique in the marketplace.

Today's consumers are more demanding, so we should be looking for ways to capture their attention so that they will choose our product.

In the gastronomy sector increasing numbers of professionals are offering more than a plate of food; they are offering an experience. This is where value is added to a product, to make eating a good experience that will remain in customers' minds for a long time.

So-called engagement or experiential marketing has reached the kitchens of many restaurants as seen by the incorporation of metal cans in their dishes, in which cooked food is served.

Cans are used to serve appetisers and small portions, and they impress by their originality and simplicity. They are also a very attractive solution for the catering industry, and are becoming increasingly popular in growing numbers of restaurants aiming to offer differentiated products and arouse certain emotions.

In addition, the growing use of canned produce in haute cuisine, owing to their long shelf life, has led to an increase in the use of these foods in Mediterranean cuisine. It should be pointed out that Spain has the largest food canning industry in the European Union and the second largest in the world, so it is only logical that creative cuisine in this country should promote its use.

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