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19.05.2014 News

Your new tin can will look like this. Exactly like this! See your can in 3D before it goes into p

How can the new design of a can be properly explained? How can we know if the proportions of the images and the size and placement of the texts are correct? How can we see which areas of the can are going to have a metallic finish and which aren't?

These are some of the questions our customers raise before having their cans printed with the image of their product. 
Grupo Auximara offer customers a virtual image of their packaging before the production process starts. We make the most of the advantages offered by new technologies to create a custom can in 3D. It can be viewed on a computer or on other mobile devices (iPhone, iPad). The image can also be rotated and enlarged, enabling you to inspect every detail of any aspect of the can and make any necessary modifications. 
GRUPO AUXIMARA have the goal of accompanying the sale of our packaging with services that add value to it, in this case by offering a pioneering presentation that allows the complex process of creating a new design to be managed quickly and with the highest quality. This new tool, which we make available to all our customers, strengthens our commitment to the continuous development of service and innovation. 

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